Selected Publications

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  3. Daşan-Günaydın B, Boyacı İH, Mutlu M, Nonthermal plasma treatment of Aspergillus spp. spores on hazelnuts in an atmospheric pressure fluidized bed plasma system: Impact of process parameters and surveillance of the residual viability of spores, J Food Engineering, 196, 139-149 (2017)
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  7. Daşan-Günaydın B, Boyacı İH, Mutlu M, Inactivation of aflatoxigenic fungi (Aspergillus spp.) on granular food model, maize, in an atmospheric pressure fluidized bed plasma system, Food Control, 70, 1-8, (2016)
  8. Mahlıçlı FY, Şen Y, Mutlu M, Altınkaya SA, Immobilization of superoxide dismutase/catalase onto polysulfone membranes to suppress hemodialysis-induced oxidative stress: A comparison of two immobilization methods, J Membrane Science, 479 (1), 175-189, (2015)
  9. Onal-Ulusoy B, Tur E, Akdoğan E, Mutlu M, Plasma Polymerization Modified Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane Development and Characterization for Degumming of Soybean Oil, J Am Oil Chem Soc, 91(10), 1813-1822, (2014)
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  20. Onar N, Aksit AC, Sen Y and Mutlu M, Antimicrobial, UV-Protective and Self-Cleaning Properties of Cotton Fabrics Coated by Dip-Coating and Solvothermal Coating Methods, Fibers and Polymers, 12 (4), 461-470, (2011)
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